Zoning Permits

The Department is responsible for the issuance of zoning permits on a daily basis in connection with new residential dwellings and improvements to existing dwellings such as additions, fences, pools, etc. The Department is also responsible for zoning permits in connection with site plan approvals granted by the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment.  Click here for Zoning Permit 

Code Book & Additional Resources

The Stafford Township Code Book is available to residents. You will find the Zoning regulations under Chapter 211 of the Code Book. The Township Zoning Map is available at the Municipal Building outside of the Community Development Department office.  Always remember to confirm the zone of a parcel with a staff member. Additional development information can be found in Chapter 130 (Land Use and Development) of the Code Book. For any questions regarding zoning or the zoning map, please feel free to call 609-597-1000, extension 8535 to speak with a Zoning Officer.

In connection with issuing permits, the Zoning Officer may perform any of the following actions:
  • Review of Current and Previous Zoning Requirements
  • Review of Site Plans and Surveys
  • Review of Board Resolutions
  • Transmittal of Grading and Drainage and Other Plans to the Township Engineer
  • Review of Floodplain Construction Plans and Elevation Certificates to Insure Compliance With Our CRS Program and Review of Any Outside Agency Reports That May Be Received
The Zoning Officer performs inspections and coordinates with the Township Engineer, Board professionals, applicants, private engineers, architects and surveyors as well as other agencies and departments. This may include contact with the Building Department, Fire Prevention, Public Works Department, Tax Department, Water and Sewer Department, NJ DEP, Pinelands Commission, Ocean County Soil Conservation, etc. A permit in connection with a Board approval is issued after all Board requirements are met and Board professionals are satisfied.

Home Occupation Permit

The Department renews home occupation permits on an annual basis as well as issuing any new home occupation permits requested. Follow up is also done in connection with expired permits to determine whether any violations exist.

Mobile Home Parks

The Department handles the annual licensing for the mobile home parks in the Township. This includes correspondence with the park owners, fee collection, site inspections and license processing. In addition, periodic inspection and inventory of said developments is done throughout the year.

Charitable Clothing Collection Bins

The Department is responsible to permit/register and monitor all charitable clothing collection bins throughout the Township. Letters must be sent to the owner of the bins as well as the owner of the property where the bins are located. Annual inventory and registration is required. When necessary, arrangements for the removal of unregistered bins may be required.

Drainage Basins

The Department performs an annual inspection of all drainage basins and notifies property owners of the requirements of cleaning and maintaining the basin. The Department reviews and insures that complete drainage basin maintenance reports are submitted.

Please refer to the following forms for common zoning permit requests and other information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 609-597-1000, ext. 8535.

Zoning Permit Application

Our application folder may be picked up from the Department, mailed upon request or downloaded .  Please be advised that we no longer accept cash. Please make your check or money order payable to Stafford Township. See below for more information about specific zoning permit requirements.

Instructional Documents