Flood Information

Stafford Township has been involved in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP's) Community Rating System (CRS) for many years. The program is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum NFIP requirements. As a result, flood insurance policy holders may receive a discount on their annual premiums depending on their flood zone and the Township's CRS classification.

Stafford has reached a rating of 5 which provides for up to a 25% discount on individual policies or a savings of almost $1million for our property owners.

Actions you want to consider prior to a flood event: 
Identify and document your personal belongings and know your flood warning signs to prepare before a flood occurs.
Prepare a safety checklist and an emergency supply kit for yourself and your family.
Teach schoolchildren and other adults about flooding in your area. 
Know the dunes and marshes help protect property inland through natural flood mitigation.   



Additional Contacts

Emergency Management: 609-597-1000, ext. 8265
Construction Department: 609-597-1000, ext. 8562

Floodplain Management

An annual certification in order to maintain our rating is completed and sent to the insurance arm of FEMA as well as any other interim reports that may be requested throughout the year. Enforcement of various codes effecting floodplain management is key to keeping our rating and assuring that property owners are safe from flood damage. Along with the CRS program, Township staff determine flood zone location for property owners and provide information and documentation concerning flood safety and flood insurance if requested.

The possibility of flooding is very real for our Township but there are many ways to avoid risk and be prepared. Staff from the Community Development and Building Departments are always ready to provide advice on mitigation and the requirements for building in a flood zone. Below are several FEMA publications together with links to websites regarding mitigation, insurance and other potential financial assistance and being prepared. When in doubt, please contact us. We are here to help.

General Flood Hazard Information

New FEMA Mapping Information

FEMA's Preliminary Work Maps (dated June 17, 2013) became effective for permitting on August 7, 2013. These maps were replaced by FEMA's Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (Preliminary FIRMs) on March 28, 2014 with several panels being updated on January 30, 2015. For permitting purposes, where the 2006 FIRM conflicts or overlaps with the Preliminary FIRM, whichever imposes the more stringent requirement shall prevail.

Region II Coastal Analysis and Mapping 

FEMA Mapping website contains new FEMA maps, building and insurance information.
Elevation Certificate Expiration 2022 (2019 Edition) and V Zone Certificate (PDF) required for permitting. On or after February 21, 2020, only the 2019 Edition of the Elevation Certificate will be accepted in connection with permitting. Elevation Certificates for a number of properties are available at the Zoning/Community Development Department Office. You may contact the Department to see if there is an Elevation Certificate available for your property or a property you may be interested in purchasing. Staff will go over the important facts on the form such as the first floor elevation, flood venting and general information about the flood zone and your potential risk for future damage.

Regarding various funding sources, the Federal government has prepared the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs handout (PDF). Other sources of mitigation and recovery funding are your flood policy and the Increased Cost of Compliance provision of your flood policy. View information about ICC (PDF) along with a letter from FEMA (2021) regarding the current timeline for the ICC claim which is 9 years from the flooding event that caused the damage. View flood insurance claim information (PDF).

FEMA Mapping & Similar Resources