Planning Board

Regular Meetings

  • 7 pm
  • 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month

        2023 Planning Board Members         
 Joseph Kosa  - Chairperson  
 Term Expiring  12/31/2026   
 Jeanine Sciglitano Vice - Chairperson           
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2023
 Thomas Kuenzler, Class IV                                  
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2025 
 Robert Kirwan- Class IV                                  
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2024
 Stephen Donnelly -  Class IV                          
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2026

 Leonard Wilson, Class IV                             
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2025
 Mayor Gregory Myhre

Term Expiring - 12/31/2023 
 Councilman, Thomas Steadman, Class III     
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2023 
 Matthew von der Hayden - Class II               
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2023
 Owen David LaRocca-Alt. I                        
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2023
 Kevin Leonard  Alternate II                            
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2024
Linda Yockachonis, Board Secretary 
The administrative duties of the Planning Board are carried out through the Community Development Department. The administrative responsibilities include the entire development process from the organization of a conceptual meeting, to assisting the applicant and their professionals with the development application, the public hearing process, resolution compliance and the signing of a final map prior to obtaining zoning and construction permits. In addition, all public notice and hearings relating to the Master Plan re-examination and adoption are facilitated through the department.