Mosquito Control

While Stafford Township does everything possible in accordance with the State of New Jersey to minimize the infestation and increase of the mosquito population each season...

Mosquito Control Begins at Home

How Can You Stop Mosquito Breeding?

Mosquitoes need water to breed and grow. It doesn’t take much water and it doesn’t take much time.

Almost anything that will hold water for at least 3-5 days will breed mosquitoes:
  • Canoes and small boats - store upside down
  • Clay pots and various other plastic containers - drain, dry and store upside down or indoors
  • Clogged gutters will not allow water to flow freely - clean gutters at least annually
  • Dispose of empty bottles, cans, discarded toys, etc.
  • Dripping outdoor water faucets - keep in good repair
  • Flower pots and dishes - eliminate standing water
  • Garbage cans and lids - store upside down
  • Old discarded tires - thousands of mosquitoes can produce in just one season
  • Plastic wading pools -empty after each use
  • Recycling containers left outside - drill holes in the bottom to prevent water pooling
  • Tarps used to cover pools and boats - eliminate the standing water
  • Unused stagnant swimming pools - perform proper pool maintenance
  • Water in bird baths - change water every two to three days
  • Wheelbarrows - turn over when not in use

No Spray and/or Call First Registration

Call the Public Works department at 609-597-1000, ext. 8609.

Stafford Township Department of Public Works maintains a call log of residents preferring that the area in front of their home not be treated by the Mosquito Control Division and/or called prior to application as a reminder to prepare their home by closing windows and/or keeping pets indoors.

The application is stopped before the address of the “no spray” request and restarted once it has past the residence.

The “call first” method is a telephone call at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled treatment.

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