What does Animal Control do?
Animal control performs many functions. Our main function however is to protect the health and well being of both humans and animals alike. The transmission and spread of rabies is our primary function. Animal Control addresses all animal related issues in Stafford Township.

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1. What does Animal Control do?
2. What kind of animals does Stafford Animal Control handle?
3. Where do I get a license for my dog or cat?
4. What documentation must I present? And what age does my dog or cat have to be in order to require a license?
5. What should I do if I find a stray animal?
6. Do you respond to wild animal calls?
7. If I suspect someone of animal cruelty can I call and make a anonymous complaint?
8. How many animals am I allowed to have in Stafford?
9. Am I allowed to own livestock in Stafford?
10. Ya ain’t gonna kill’em are you mister?