Manahawkin Animal Facility

The Southern Ocean County Animal Facility located here in Stafford Township will be temporarily closing for renovations and repairs. The animal facility will be closing on February 22nd,2023 and anticipates re-opening around April 10th, 2023, after all renovations are complete. 

During this time the Stafford Animal Control Department will be using the Northern Animal Control Facility located at 615 Freemont Ave, Jackson, NJ. Any stray dogs and cats picked up by animal control will be impounded at the Northern Facility for holding. Owners will also be required to reclaim their pets at the Northern facility. 

As always owners should be pro-active in ensuring their pets do not escape or run at large. Checking fences and gates around your property prior to letting your pet outside and monitoring your pet when they are in the yard are two ways to ensure your pet doesn't escape. it is also extremely important to make sure your pet is licensed and wearing their licensing tag at all times. Licensing tags allow Animal Control Officers to contact owners and re-unite found animals. 

As always, we will do everything we can to reunite all found pets with owners. If you have any questions regarding this change or if you have lost a pet, please contact us at (609) 597-1000 x. 8525. Owners looking to reclaim their pet can also contact the Northern Ocean County Animal Facility at (732) 657-8086.