Adopt-A-Drain Program


The Stafford Township governing body and Department of Public Works have reconvened the Adopt-A-Drain program to enhance the quality of Storm Water Management within the Township. Storm Water Management, flooding, and the quality of storm water discharge are a concern that effects all the residents of Stafford Township and our waterways.

The program will enlist volunteers, either individually, or as an association to adopt and monitor storm drain conditions throughout the Township. All storm drains located within Stafford Township roads are eligible for adoption. The storm drains have been inventoried and upon adoption, the Department of Public Works will label the basin. Residents who Adopt-A-Drain will follow the inspection process detailed below, if any problems are found, we ask that you notify the Department of Public Works at 597-1000 ext 8609,

The goal of the program is to educate residents of the importance of Storm Water Management, reduce the frequency of street flooding, reduce the amount of litter that enters the drainage systems, establish a more effective preventative maintenance program, and improve the overall quality of storm water discharge to lakes and basins.

Adopt-a-Drain Brochure and Program Registration

Adopt-a-Drain Procedure and Inventory Checklist