Tax Assessor

The Stafford Township Tax Assessor is governed by State law and regulated by the Director of the Division of Taxation while supervised by the Ocean County Tax Administrator. The Assessor is statutorily responsible for establishing and maintaining a fair and equitable determination of value known as tax assessments for all real property throughout Stafford Township.

Oversight & Operations

Currently, there are over 14,800 taxable properties in the municipality containing an assessed value total of approximately 4.4 billion dollars. The last municipal wide reassessment was implemented for 2018. The assessed value to market value ratio is determined by the NJ Division of Taxation for each municipality. The current 2023 assessed to market value ratio is 67.05%.

In addition to determining assessed values, the Tax Assessment Department also maintains the following, along with many other responsibilities and services:

  • Descriptive Property Record Card Information
  • Ownership Records
  • Property Tax Deductions
  • Property Tax Exemptions
  • Qualified Farmland
  • Tax Maps

Change of Mailing Address 

 Please note: Change of address must be in writing signed by the property owner. Changing your mailing address for taxes will also change your mailing address for water and sewer bills.

Contact Us


260 East Bay Avenue
Manahawkin, NJ 0805

609-597-1000, ext. 8546


Mancini, JamesTax Assessorjmancini@staffordnj.gov609-597-1000, Ext. 8546
Hackett, ChristopherDeputy Tax Assessorchackett@staffordnj.gov609-597-1000, Ext. 8548
Martens, TravisAssistant Tax
609-597-1000, Ext. 8547
Abecker, CynthiaPrincipal Clerk Typistcabecker@staffordnj.gov609-597-1000, Ext. 8546
Kurdes, JustineField Appraiserjkurdes@staffordnj.gov609-597-1000, Ext. 8565