Road Division

Road Repairs 

Click HERE  for a list of the 2023 Road Condition Rating of Stafford Township roads.  The roads will be paved in the order of their rank.

  • Pothole Repairs
  • Minor Line Striping
  • Minor Roadway Paving


  • Maintenance of all Regulatory Signs and Posts
  • Maintenance of all Street Name Signs and Posts
  • Operation of In-House Graphic's shop

Shoulder Maintenance

  • Grass Cutting Along Stafford Township Properties
  • Tree Trimming within Right-Of-Way

Storm Water Management

  • Adopt-A-Drain Program
  • Annual Storm Water Inlet Inspections - 2,200 Inlets
  • Installation of New Drainage Systems
  • Storm Water Inlet Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Storm Water Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance

Streets Maintained by Other Jurisdictions

Ocean County Road Department

  • Bay Avenue
  • Beaver Dam Road
  • Cedar Bridge Road
  • Cedar Run Dock Road
  • Hilliard Boulevard.
  • Jennings Road (Bay Avenue to Route 72)
  • Lighthouse Drive
  • Mayetta Landing Road
  • Mill Creek Road (Bay Avenue to Route 72)
  • Nautilus Drive
  • Route 532 Spur
  • Route 539
  • Stafford Avenue

New Jersey State Highway Authority

  • Garden State Parkway
  • Marsha Drive (Bay Avenue to Route 72)
  • Route 72
  • Route 9