Municipal Clerk

Some of the primary responsibilities of the Municipal Clerk that do not vary from municipality to municipality are:    

  • Administrative Officer (licenses, searches, public information)
  • Chief Administrative Officer of Elections within the Municipality
  • Chief Registrar of Voters within the Municipality
  • Secretary to the Governing Body
  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation

Stafford Township the Municipal Clerk’s Office is also responsible for the following:

  • Complaints
  • Food Handler’s License
  • Insurance matters (liability and property loss)
  • Landlord Filing Statements
  • Lawsuits
  • Licensing of all types of Alcoholic Beverages/inquiries or renewals
  • Municipal Complex Meeting Room scheduling
  • OPRA requests
  • Parade Permits
  • Raffles and Bingo Licenses
  • Reprints of Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Solicitation Permits
  • Taxicabs and Limousines
  • Township Code Book
  • Vendor and Peddler Licenses
  • Yard Sales
  • Zoning Maps

Applications for Marriages/ Re- Marriages, Civil Unions or Domestic Partnerships are scheduled Monday- Friday.

The earliest appointment is 9:00 am and the latest is 3:30 pm Monday – Thursday and Friday 3:00 pm.

Applicants must present valid photo Identification (driver’s license or passport) and proof of address.

If the applicants reside in Stafford Township or are from another state and are getting married in Stafford Township the applicants will apply in Stafford Township.

At the time of the appointment, one witness will be required with valid photo identification, the witness can not be the person performing the service.

Please be advised, there is a 72 hour waiting period from the date and the time of the application before a license can be released.

Stafford Township office of Vital Statistics maintains vital records for Stafford Township only.

Types of Records

Births, Civil Unions, Deaths, Domestic Partnerships and Marriages.

Vital records are confidential and not accessible to the public. As per State Law, the Registrar can issue a vital record to individuals entitled to the record and documentary proof of their relationship must be established. Once the relationship is verified, there is a 24hour processing time for all certified copies requested. Certified copies can be mailed or picked up from the Registrar’s office.

If further assistance is needed, please feel free to contact the Registrar at

Vicki Furmanek, CMR

Registrar of Vital Statistics

Stafford Township

Clerk’s Office

609-597-1000 ext. 8510


Board of Elections Poster
  1. Susan Farrell

    Phone: 609-597-1000, ext. 8526

  2. Vicki Furmanek

    Phone: 609-597-1000, ext. 8510

  3. Sarah Norman

    Alternate Deputy Registrar
    Phone: 609-597-1000, ext. 8512