Information Technology


To enable the effective, efficient, and seamless operations of Stafford Township, the Network Operations Department supports all Township critical systems and functions around the clock. Due to the critical nature of these applications most of our maintenance, monitoring, routine, and health check work is completed outside standard working hours.

Our Staff is electronically connected to the systems of Stafford and are continuously monitoring the security and performance of those systems through monitoring and remote access software. The goal of the department is to provide high availability and quality IT support to the Departments and Employees of Stafford Township.

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  • Policy
  • Virus Protection/Spam/Web filters
  • Access Control Policies - internet, Server, Desktop
Fiscal Management
  • Usage Maintain logs, assess, and report
  • Manage costs, review billing, and identify/implement cost savings
Configuration Management
  • Policy
  • Standardization
  • Inventory
Implementation, Maintenance, Support & Testing
  • Upgrades and new versions/releases
  • Replace
  • Version control and patches/fixes


Backup & Recovery

Daily backups
  • Server
  • Application
  • Data
Technical Support/Training
  • Employee questions/training
  • Installations and troubleshooting
Life Cycle Management
  • Hardware replacement/upgrades
  • Software replacement/upgrades

Areas of Responsibility

Network Operations
  • 14 servers
  • Network Operating Systems - Active Directory, Unix, Linux, Citrix
External Networks
  • Remote Access and Connectivity
Desktop Support
  • 150+ workstations/Peripherals


Application Support & Management
  • Standardization
  • Procure/Install/Test/Train/Support
  • Infrastructure (wiring, patch panel, circuits)
  • Systems (voice, internet, badge/card readers)

Critical Systems / Functions

  • Police - servers, virus protection, backups
  • All Departments - servers, virus protection, network access/printing, backups
  • Tax Assessor/Collector - County level
  • Court - County/state
  • Police - MDTs
  • Police - 911 logging system, CAD
  • Water and Sewer - Utility Billing, Flexnet
  • Tax Assessor / Collector - GIS, Billing and Collection
  • Court - Kiosk, Video conferencing
  • Purchasing / Township Admininstration / Financial - Edmunds, Payroll, taxes, financial, etc.
  • Twp. Administrator - Township website, Scala video system
  • All Departments - email, voicemail, building security access
  • Police - radios
  • All Departments - Intuity Audix, ECAS call accounting system, Avaya S8720, desk phones and extensions, cell phones, paging, internet access