Hurricane Harvey Relief

UPDATE: As of Monday September 4, 2017 our truck filled with donations left for Texas. A giant sized thank you to each and every one of you who contributed.

As of right now we will ONLY be collecting the GIFT CARDS listed below…do not leave anyother donations at the Bay Avenue Community Center as they cannot be stored, thank you for your cooperation!

We made it through the darkest days after Sandy with the help of others throughout the country. Now it is our turn to give back to our neighbors, friends and family in Texas. We are asking residents to please consider collecting the following items listed below. Once we have a truck secured, drop off dates and times at the Bay Avenue Community Center will be announced. 

Please Note - We are ONLY collecting EXACTLY what is listed at this time to help those in need due to Hurricane Harvey.  Donating anything other than these items will only add more work for our volunteers and delay the delivery of supplies to Texas.